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 Rules - Please Read

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PostSubject: Rules - Please Read   Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:49 am

Welcome to the ana-mia forums, while you are here we ask that you will follow our simple rules, these rules are there for your safety, faliure to follow these rules will result in your account being removed from our systems.

Our rules are as follows:-

1. Never give out details such as your address, contact number, or anything else that could allow someone to contact you off the forum.

2. Never arrange to meet anyone off the forum.

3. Try to keep swearing to a minimum.

4. Insulting and abusing other users will NOT be accepted.

5. When posting about fool, please place a * in the subject bar so others know what to expect and are not affected by the foods listed/mentioned.

6. If you have any issues with other users, please contact a member of staff, you will not be ignored and appropriate action WILL be taken.

7. If you copy and paste ANYTHING from another internet site then due to copyright laws you MUST add the link to the end of the topic, faliure to do so will result in topic removal.

Thankyou for reading these rules, please remember to follow them.
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Rules - Please Read
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